Academic Self-Adminstration


Departmental Council

In short, what the senate is to the university, the departmental council is to the department. There are similar tasks, but related to the department.

The departmental council also includes 4 students each (FB Media: 5 students), who are elected in the university elections.

Accredation Commission (AKS) of the University of Darmstadt

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences was successfully system accredited in fall 2020 - what does that mean? Previously, the quality of our study programs was assessed and evaluated by external agencies, a so-called program accreditation took place. System accreditation means that the university can now accredit its study programs itself, since it has proven that it has an internal university quality management system that ensures that the quality goals and standards of the study programs are achieved. Since then, the accreditation of the study programs has been the task of the independent Accreditation Commission (AKS).

The AKS has the task of verifying the correct implementation of the internal quality assurance processes of a study program, analyzing the reports of external experts and evaluating the existing documents in the overall view. Based on this, the AKS makes a decision regarding the accreditation of a study program and the associated award of the seal of the Accreditation Council. The participation in the Accreditation Commission offers the opportunity to actively contribute to the quality assurance of the study programs.

The Accreditation Commission consists of eight members with voting rights:

  • four members of the professors' group
  • one member of the staff group
  • two students,
  • one member of the Presidential Board (Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Student Affairs (VPS)) and
  • one employee of the central organizational unit for quality management in teaching and learning (ZOE QmSL) with an advisory vote.

The members are elected by the Senate and may not be members of the Senate Committee for Study and Examination Matters (StuP) and the Senate Committee for University Development Planning (HEP) at the same time. The term of office for student members is one year (re-election is possible).

The AKS usually meets twice per semester on the basis of its own rules of procedure. All commission members are trained in advance by the central organizational unit Quality Management Study and Teaching.

If you are interested in joining the Accreditation Commission, please contact:

Jessica Reinard
Office of the Accreditation Commission
Tel: +49.6151.533 60263