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Student Clubs & Campus Groups

In addition to studying, there are also numerous opportunities to spend your free time with meaning and added value. There are numerous student university groups, clubs and initiatives in the area around the university and TU Darmstadt.


Besides studying, students have numerous opportunities to spend their free time with purpose and added value. In the vicinity of the university or TU Darmstadt, there are numerous student-run university groups, associations, and initiatives.

In the vicinity of the universities in Darmstadt, there are many predominantly student-run clubs, initiatives, or university groups that cover a wide range of interests.

From "A" like "AIESEC" Darmstadt to "V" like "Verein der Chinesischen Wissenschaftler und Studenten e.V." (Association of Chinese Scientists and Students e.V. in Darmstadt) , there should be something for everyone - be it an international, cultural, or professional area of interest.