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University elections in winter semester 2023/2024

The university's students elect their representatives in the student and academic self-government once a year


General information

Once a year, usually in the winter semester, elections for the student parliament and the student councils as well as the elections for student representatives in the department council and senate take place.

Every year, numerous students are sought who would like to represent the interests of their fellow students either within the department, but also across the board in the student parliament or the senate.

What is there for it? Experiences, fun and recognition, networks and interesting insights into the university structure. What it costs? Sometimes it takes a little time and tough negotiations before changes and improvements can be implemented democratically.

But that shouldn't stop you: Take heart - it's about your future studies!

Election results from this year's elections

So, all votes have been counted and the results are clear: The voter turnout for the 53rd student parliament was 17.81%.

The three competing lists have the following voting shares and seats:

  • List 1: F.I.S.H. (Left list) – 529 votes = 8 seats
  • List 2: List OMNIS -Open. Middle. Sustainable. Innovative. Student-oriented. – 746 votes = 11 seats
  • List 3: Technical-Creative List – 1,002 votes = 14 seats

The composition of the future student councils can be found in election notice No. 3.

The term of office of the 53rd StuPa and the 12 student councils begins on April 1, 2024

Online elections from February 5, 2024 (9 a.m.) to February 19, 2024 (12 p.m.)

You can find a presentation of all candidates for the individual committees here - provided there was feedback and answers.

Detailed information is available here!