Child Care Facilities

Studying with a child? There are several offerings at the university and through the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt for that.


General Information and Advice

Studying with children is no longer mutually exclusive these days. There are numerous information resources available at Hochschule Darmstadt (Family Office) and through the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt (Social Counseling), as well as facilities such as "Krabbelkiste an der h_da e.V.", which make it possible to continue studying.

The Family Office serves as the central point of contact for all members of h_da (students and staff), as well as prospective students who need information, have questions, or seek support regarding the compatibility of studying, work, and family.

The Social Counseling services provided by the Studierendenwerk offer expectant parents and students with children individual information and support.

Krabbelkiste h_da e.V.

The "Krabbelkiste" is an association that originated from a student-parent initiative in 1989. They provide care for ten children between the ages of 12 months and 3 years.

The premises are located on the campus of Hochschule Darmstadt. Therefore, children of student parents and h_da employees are given preference; their place of residence must be in Darmstadt.


  • Krabbelkiste h_da e.V.
    Schöfferstr. 8, 64295 Darmstadt
    Tel.: 06151/ 533 5639
  • Website:
  • Email:

Currently, the Krabbelkiste e.V. receives financial support of €5,000 annually from the AStA (General Student Committee) of h_da.

Further Childcare Options

The city of Darmstadt provides a comprehensive overview of the wide range of childcare services on their website This includes a database of local daycare centers and kindergartens, a search for babysitters, as well as all the application forms, contact persons, and childcare costs:


An offer from the Studentenwerk Darmstadt for student parents: Ad-hoc childcare in Fluggis-Abenteuerland. Further information can be found at