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Support for study-related work

As part of your studies, you are often required to carry out projects and work that are costly and not always easy to manage out of your own wallet.

These can be final theses or semester film projects, but also smaller works. What is important is that they must be prescribed within the framework of the study and examination regulations.


What are “study-related projects and work”?

Study-related work and projects include all projects prescribed within the framework of the study and examination regulations for the individual study programs at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences as well as all types of final theses. This can also include necessary excursions.

Only students from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences are supported.

After submitting an application, a project can be supported by the student parliament with a maximum of 25% of the total costs of the work/project, up to a maximum of EUR 2,000.

Procedure for support

Before submitting an application to the student parliament, applicants must consult the finance department of the General Student Committee ( Without prior consultation, the application must be rejected in the student parliament.

The application must be submitted to the finance department in writing and, in addition to a project description, also includes a cost calculation that is as detailed as possible with all expected expenses and income.

After successful consultation, the finance department sends all documents to the student parliament. The Presidium of the Student Parliament invites the applicants to the respective meetings. There you will then have the opportunity to present the project to parliament and answer questions if necessary.

After completion, funded projects should be presented and presented in an appropriate manner within Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

Project support must have been accessed by the end of the following financial year at the latest, otherwise it will expire.

Support in the media department

In the degree programs that require cost-intensive project work, there is usually a small pot that can be accessed to cover project costs. This primarily applies to the creation of stage sets, exhibition rooms, but also possibly actors, submission fees for film festivals or digital so-called “assets” for game projects, for example. These funds are usually applied for by the respective study program coordinators via the QV allocation process. The degree programs that this primarily affects are:

  • Interactive Media Design
  • International Media Cultural Work
  • Expanded Media
  • Motion Pictures
  • Animation and Game
  • Expanded Realities

The money in the pots is very small and is far from enough to fully finance film projects, for example. In addition, not all of these courses apply for these funds every cycle. Therefore, students must ask the course coordinators individually whether financial support for their project is possible in their case.

HAB - Hessen final funding (for theses)

A ​​description of the funding can be found here:

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