A trip in a convertible or a move in a van? The cooperation with Book-n-Drive makes this costeffective.



If you ever need a car...

The AStA (Student Union) of the Hochschule Darmstadt has established a partnership with the regional car-sharing provider book-n-drive. Car-sharing through book-n-drive allows you to access their entire fleet, from convertibles to vans, in both Darmstadt and the surrounding region (e.g., Dieburg). Through collaboration with other car-sharing providers (e.g., flinkster), you can also use their services in other cities.

The Campus tariff, in particular, offers significant cost advantages for students. Compared to book-ndrive's regular offerings, the Campus tariff includes the following benefits while keeping the terms identical:

  • No initial fee
  • Free security package, with a reduced deductible of 300 EUR for damages instead of 1,500 EUR
  • 10 EUR starting credit

Registration for book-n-drive

Online registration and activation are carried out through book-n-drive's portal.

1. Registration

Simply follow the instructions and provide your details. Please have your driver's license and identity card/residence permit ready for online verification.

2. Activation

You will receive an email with your login credentials. Once you have successfully completed the online registration process, including the verification of your driver's license and identity card/residence permit, you can immediately book a book-n-drive vehicle.

3. Proof of Student Status for Campus Tariff

Please send an email to customer service using the customer contact form. Choose "Other" as the topic and enter the voucher code "Studi10€ inkl. Service-Paket" under "Your Concern." In this context, please also attach your current enrollment certificate as an image in the customer contact form and submit it to book-n-drive.

Customer service will then set up the special Campus-Basic tariff for you and confirm it via email. This special tariff includes the 10 EUR travel credit and the complimentary service package.




Currently, book-n-drive offers two different tariffs - Basic and Abo - which can be changed with a two-week notice before the end of the month.

The Basic tariff has no base fees; you are only charged for the actual travel (time and distance) and a base fee of 2 EUR. In the Abo tariff, there are monthly base fees, but the time units are cheaper, and the base fee is included. So, for frequent travelers, it's worth comparing the tariffs.

Note: There are currently a limited number of travel cars available at Hügelstraße and Rheinstraße, but there are no travel vans available in Darmstadt at the moment!