other University Committees

Have your say when it comes to topics such as semester fees, distribution of funds or the design of examination regulations. Elections at the h_da are not the only way you can have a say in shaping the university. You can also become active in committees and thus bring your topic to the forefront. Whether in the senate, in the student council or in the AStA - the commitment is worthwhile.

There are many committees in which students can participate in decision-making. Get involved, for example, in the university-wide representation of all students - the AStA - and have a say when it comes to topics such as housing, mobility or cultural projects. If you want to make a difference in your department, the departmental council or the student council could be just the thing for you. If you are interested in the big picture, simply get elected to the university senate. This is where decisions are made on central issues of study, teaching and research.

But one thing is important in any case: Be sure to vote! The university elections take place every year. The student parliament, the student councils and the student representatives in the senate and in the departmental councils are elected.

You want to know more about your possibilities for co-determination? Just take a look at the AStA website or get in touch with your fellow students in your student council.