Student Parliament

The student parliament - StuPa for short - is the highest decision-making body of student self-administration.



The Student Parliament (StuPa) of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is the highest body of the student body and consists of 33 representatives and ideally the same number of deputies, who are always elected at the end of the winter semester (usually January).

Among other things, it is responsible for the election and deselection of the General Student Committee (AStA) and the budget of the student body, as well as for the discussion and approval of (financial) proposals or the adoption of resolutions.

Meetings are usually held monthly during the lecture period and are open to the public.

The detailed tasks of the student parliament are described in the statutes of the student body.


Presidium of the Student Parliament

The Presidium of the 53rd StuPa was elected at the first meeting on April 16, 2024.

It consists of

  • Rolf Demir (OMNIS)
  • Sercan Tozan (TKL)
  • Manuel Flauaus (TKL)

The tasks of the Presidium are, in particular, the preparation and follow-up as well as the management and moderation of meetings.

The Presidium can be reached via

Invitations to the StuPa Meetings

Invitation to the 1st meeting of the 53rd Student Parliament

The first meeting of the 53rd student parliament will be

  • on Tuesday, April 16, 2024
  • at 5 p.m. (on time!)
  • take place in C19 Lecture Hall 2.

If you can unfortunately only participate online - the meeting will take place on BigBlueButton in the AStA room.

Composition of the Student Parliament

The composition of the student parliament can change compared to the results in the election announcement if people resign or are elected to the AStA as a unit.

In the case of an election to a unit of the AStA, membership in the student parliament is suspended (§ 17 para. 3 of the statutes of the student body) and someone from the list moves up in the person's place.

The 53rd Student Parliament currently consists of the following lists and students (as of April 4, 2024):

a) F.I.S.H. (Linke Liste)

Members of Parliament

1. Weber, Marlon (MD)
2. Strüber, Tim (S)
3. Borgholte, Lena (S)
4. Hemmis, Stefan (S)
5. Rüth, Luna (S)
6. Menke, Jannik (S)
7. Illing, May (S)
8. Wysocki, Tom (S)


9. Rust, Alena (S)
10. Widdel, Baran (S)
11. Nabernik, Natalia (S)
12. Caprara, Aurora (G)
13. Unverzagt, Sara-Maria (S)
14. Wellmann, Sascha (S)

b) Liste OMNIS - Offen. Mittig. Nachhaltig. Innovativ. Studierendenorientiert.

Members of Parliament

1. Demir, Rolf (W)
2. Broßart, Kevin (A)
3. Dascher, Fynn (W)
4. Kraut Esteban, Ricardo Gabriel (A)
5. Skrijelj, Amela(W)
6. Dies, Nicolas (W)
7. Jehle, Marvin (GW)
8. Krause, Maximus (GW)
9. Hoeves, Henric (W)
10. Frauenkron, Moritz (W)
11. Scharkopf, Nick (W)


12. Kapoor, Sinhe (W)
13. Dartasch, Agri (W)
14. Feldmann, Frederic (W)
15. Sirinaga, Caner (W)
16. Pohl, Jeffrey (W)
17. Alici, Erkan (W)
18. Belarbi, Ibtihel (EIT)
19. Winterstein, Yannick (CuB)
20. Putra, Dionisius Velma Andika (W)
21. Kissel, Theo (W)
22. Kepezkaya, Nur (W)

c) Technisch-Kreative Liste

Members of Parliament

1. Naujokat, Nils (MK)
2. à Tellinghusen, Jennifer (EIT)
3. Flauaus, Manuel (S)
4. Müller, Bastian (MK)
5. Wörner, Leo (GW)
6. Bode, Yannik Oskar Tanakon (EIT)
7. Klemstein, Philipp (MK)
8. Beetz, Alexander (CuB)
9. Schulte, Lukas Philipp (EIT)
10. Pangeni, Samir (CuB)
11. Müller, Marco Antonio (MD)
12. Shah, Pratik Bikram (CuB)
13. Korn, Jannik (CuB)
14. Tozan, Sercan (MK)


15. Aydinyer, Berfu Merve (GW)
16. Rieper, Jan (I)
17. Gärtner, Jonas (GW)
18. Verma, Sahil (MD)
19. Elamet, Serhat (EIT)
20. Zilic, Jan (EIT)
21. Schoida, Martin (GW)
22. Groß, Christopher (GW)

The list speakers are underlined and can be reached via

Minutes of the StuPa Meetings