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Upgrade "Deutschlandticket"

Expansion of the RMV-Semesterticket as „Germanyticket“


Note: The subscription for the upgrade ends automatically at the end of the semester and must be taken out again from the begin of the next semester if required.

Here is the link to access the upgrade of the RMV-Semester Ticket as Deutschlandticket:

==>> Link for the Upgrade to the "Deutschlandticket"

You will also need the link when you cancel the upgrade!

Please find enclosed the procedure for the Deutschlandticket:

  • Only students enrolled at the h_da with a valid RMV-Semesterticket are entitled to purchase or own the upgrade.
  • The offer is voluntary and must be paid for by each user.
  • The upgrade currently costs 26,46 EUR per month (49 EUR -1/6 of the price of the RMV-Semester Ticket [135,23 EUR])
  • in addition to SEPA, PayPal and credit card payment options are also available
  • as an upgrade a Deutschlandticket is issued. The Deutschlandticket is subject to the general tariff regulations and is validthroughout Germany in 2nd class on local and regional trains. It is only available as a HandyTicket.
  • The upgrade can be purchased at any time for the current month. However, it only applies for one calendar month. It is offered as a subscription with the option to cancel monthly. Cancellation can be made up to the last day of each month.
    Attention: from January 2024, the notice period is the 10th of the month to the end of the month!
  • The current upgrade ends at the end of a semester at the latest; the upgrade must then be purchased again for the following
  • For control purposes, the current RMV semester ticket and a photo ID must also be carried.

You can register for the upgrade via a link. You will be redirected to Shibboleth, where you can log in with your student account (stXXXX) and after approval you will enter a web portal for the voluntary purchase of the upgrade. There you only have to enter some personal information (e.g. bank details) and you are ready to go.

The digital D-Ticket can be stored on the smartphone (eWallet) so that it can also be presented offline. However, there is no print version.

Attention: If you already have a regular "49 EUR ticket" in your subscription, you would only have to cancel it on the 10th of the month at the end of the month and can then upgrade to the Germany ticket the following month using the link listed above.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact us.